💗 Pre Assessed & White Label

What is the difference between Private Label & Pre-assessed Products? The Private Label Products are fully packaged individual cosmetic products that only require you to label them. The Pre-assessed Products are fully finished products ready to sell also, but just need to be decanted into your own packaging.

Can I sell them under my own branding? Yes, you can sell them under your own brand, using our assessment.

Can I call them different names to what you call them? Yes, you can use your own names for the products, you don't have to stick to what we've called them, but it is important not to call them anything that is misleading for customers.
Can I add anything to the products? No, if you did this it would invalidate the CPSR for the product.
Do I need a Safety Assessment? Or do you have them in place?
We have all the correct CPSRs (Safety Assessments) in place for both our Private Label and Pre-assessed Products, so there is no need to get your own.